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DK Mischek

Small and big events in the cattery.

We had a visitor…

Kittens Posted on Sun, March 23, 2014 21:37:10

My niece with Freya and Chica smiley

New scratching post

Kittens Posted on Sun, March 23, 2014 21:33:43

The cats had a new scratching post – and they love it 🙂

Chica’s favorite place.

Bine stays closer to the ground!

Favorite window

Kittens Posted on Fri, February 14, 2014 10:49:45

The girls have a favorite window where they can look at the birds in the summertime, this is Bine and Ninja in the window. Two girls from my own breeding.


Kittens Posted on Fri, February 14, 2014 10:41:37

Unfortunately Ninja gave birth to early – so no kittens this time.

Ninja and Freya

Kittens Posted on Sun, January 26, 2014 13:32:31

Ninja – soon to be a mother – and her mother Freya – soon to be a grantmother – enjoying each others company this very cold Sunday. I wonder if Freya will help with the small ones once they have arrived.

About one week left

Kittens Posted on Sat, January 25, 2014 21:38:51

Ninja’s stomac has grown quite a bit over the last couple of weeks. She eats a lot and rests a lot by now. I am very exited to see what she is carrying.

This is her a couple of days ago showing of her stomac.


Kittens Posted on Mon, January 06, 2014 12:06:00

Time to introduce the father to be! This is Drutten – photo by Charlott Stenberg and from a cat show in Malmö April 21st 2013. Drutten is wearing his skull shirt smiley


Kittens Posted on Thu, January 02, 2014 18:00:05

Pregnant or not – Ninja still wants to inspect the new things being brought into her home – think she approves of these new chairs since she has been helping me removing the last bit of upholstery from the old ones…

Today I felt the first “bubbles” from her stomach – a bit early I think but very nice smiley

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